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So after skipping back 150 entries I eventually find this...

scruff writes; "This was kindly pointed out to me by kurtbatz. Before fionacat muddies the waters any more, perhaps I should clarify the actual situation:"

Yes, because everything is my fault(tm).

Which in these uncertain times is nice to know at least there's someone to blame, even if it is myself.

I don't even know why I'm continuing, it's not like Scruff cares which is painfully obvious but hey maybe it might give some other people an insight into what's happening.

"I merely banned Fionacat from commenting in my Journal, a decision which will be found is mine to make, as it's my journal, and his comments are tedious at best, while dull and empty during the remainder of the time."

I'd ask for example but of course they are all deleted...

"His interpretation of this action isn't something I find myself losing sleep over."

My real life counter part is however, it's really upset (which should be quite obvious.) at this.

"It is only an interpretation, and an inaccurate one at that:"

So of course you have cleared and specifically shown why, oh you did it just here, long after the event.

Well gee thanks, i'm sorry my psychic powers aren't up to scratch and I wasn't able to guess your motivation.

"I don't care either way and certainly are't interested enough to actually hate him; if he'd bothered to ask me, before presuming to know my actual motivation, he would have known this."

Or alternativly you could have said, "Runt, I don't like you as Fionacat so i've banned you from posting tedious and boring comments in my journal" in an email.

It took me 20 seconds to type that, it would have taken another 5 seconds to type in my email address and 2 seconds to hit send.

"Moreover, I find him to be confrontational and obnoxious to a degree I find distasteful,"

No, you don't because I remeber meeting you in London when you were Leonine and I seem to remeber you not telling me to fuck off, this I took as a sign that you didn't have any of the feelings above.

"frequently making insulting or derogatory comments on public forums,"

Can you please state an example where i've been insulting or dergatory without good reason?
Could it possibly be that I was vaugly attempting to defend what little faith I have in the furry community I have left?

"the main example being the LondonFurs mailing list, without any concern on how they might be received,"

Dude, that was almost two years ago, get over it for crying out loud.

"which he attempts to excuse with the claim that it's all a 'character' thing."

No, it is a character thing, that's Fionacat.

You don't know me.

Nobody here knows me.

This entire journal is a lie. Even this reply is in character.

You really don't get it.

Here is me, a very upset mostly scared very confused 22 year old guy who's sitting in a room typing at a console.

But that's not me, that's some guy who calls himself Runt and is known in real life as that and occasionally as Charles.

That's the real me, you met the real me in London, i'm mostly very shy, I'm very quiet, i'm not outspoken at all and I keep to myself a lot.

Yet you seem surprised that Fionacat is the opposite of this?

Oh, I forget, you don't care.

"If he cannot take responsibility for his own actions, then I really have nothing more to say to him,"

What actions?

Tell me one thing I have to regret, tell me one thing I've done which is wrong.

I know it's just words on a screen, I can pretend that they can't hurt anyone.

My player know's this to be a pile of crap and if he had the chance would beat me (He doesn't like playing Fionacat either and was ready to move on to something new but someone spoiled that, didn't they Scruff.)

"as anything he has to say has no substance whatsoever."

EVERYTHING, has no substance whatsoever, what even that Runt really liked you and enjoyed sleeping in the same bed as you (if it was somewhat smallish and didn't have enogth foot room...)

Even that Runt would phone you up and chat for hours trying to fix this (like when he wanted to meet up with you when he visited London to buy you a meal but you didn't want to answer your phone and even denied that it was you on the other end?)

People should know me as Fionacat is evil, they should know that I say stuff that is intended to provoke a reaction, it's what the character is designed to do.

But if you think that I am Fionacat, then you really don't know me at all, you are completey and utterly failing to grasp the very simple concept that I am not Fionacat.

I'm nothing like Fionacat.

I'd like to end this the way most things end, and that's with a full stop.

But not that full stop, I'm going to email or even /msg Scruff and ask him to read this and supply some feedback, if only so I can get some sleep tonight.

There you go, that was the full stop there.

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