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Meet report

So yeah, I went to a fur meet, it was in Manchester as well and this is what happened;

After an epic 9 hour train journey (3 of which were stationary due to a high speed train
hitting a tree) and an unscheduled change over in Preston adding another hour to the
journey I eventually arrived in Manchester Picadilly, which was a shame as the train
passed through Oxford Road where I wanted to get off.
So I got another train and finally managed to get to where I wanted, I then wondered around
for about 5 minutes, it's something I do, before heading towards the Ibis hotel.
The Ibis hotel was very nice, it was ooh and wow at the same time.
I met up with Rouge and we went to eat pizza, it was good.
By this time it was remarkably late so I watched some cheezy films (I remeber Spawn being
one of them.) and headed to dreamland.

Saturday, had wake up call for 0830, went to Manchester Picadilly at about 10ish and found
that Manchester Picadilly has two problems;
1 - It's bloody freezing
2 - It's still being built (or at least refurbished...)

I managed to find one of the BT internet phones and checked the Northern Furs Yahoo group,
was told to meet outside Starbucks, i'd seen it earlier but there was nobody there when
I went there first so after updating Livejournal I headed to there where I saw some furs!

Of course I didn't know this, I vaguly recognised ForFox and can now identify Semaj,
Brazz and C-Bear as also being there...

So I lurked lots and got some caramel thingy from Starbuck that was pure sugar really and
more importantly I got a candy candy with a lil' cute mouse on top, it's actually a finger
puppet and it's name is of course Squeeky, more on this later...

Eventually a whole gaggle of furs turned up with Nanaki and then a whole bunch more furs
turned up with TR Wolf.

After freezing for a while in the station everyone eventually headed for a nowhere pub, I
still lurked but was found by Semaj and Brazz who went, "Oh! You are a fur."

I laughed inside at this and came up with a plan.

Anywho back to the plot at this point I thought that Semaj may be Kurt in disguise (I got
bat right...) but he wasn't, however he did ask who I was.

I said I was Squeeky, a mouse.

Which was odd and very cool.

Anywho we arrived at the pub, it was crap but had pinball, which I played but sadly it
was also crap with the third worst ball returns I've ever seen.

Whilst playing lots of furs vanished, I have no idea where to (apparently the red light
district...) but it wasn't too long before the returned and we left, which confused me

We arrived at FAB, a very geek themed pub, I liked this place better if only because it sold
space raiders and a lemonade and blackcurrent cordial was pretty good value at a mere 1.25
it also had lots of very cool arcade games (including House of the Dead, NOT house of the
dead 2 but the orginal House of the Dead which I prefer...) and another pinball thingy and
a really cool diorama with a Dalek, A Vorlan and an H.R Gieger Alien.
Anywho I was able to make this list of furs I met at this point it looks something like
Acefox, Andyfox, C-Bear, Darkhorse, Forfox, Feenix (Didn't show up until the centre),
Hendrix, Lum, Nanaki, Paddy, Rouge, Shyefox, Vervain, Yoai and finally White Wolf.
There were lots of others but I'm stupid and have already forgotten them (or didn't actually
really meet them in the first place...)

About that time I was playing pinball when TR comes across and says, hi and does he know me
I say that yes, I'm squeeky and he knows me.

This confused TR, so I told him to check the piccy I brought with me, it was of Makali and
that changed reality.

Everyone knew me as Fionacat, which was a shame, I still wonder how things may have worked
out had I just stayed Squeeky.

Eventually it came time for Andyfox and WhiteWolf to leave, at which point Feenix was
arriving also so I went with Hendryx, Darkhorse and of course Andyfox and Whitewolf to
the station.

Met with Feenix and went to the Trafford centre, woah it's big...

Ate food and returned to Fab breifly before hiking across to the Ibis.

After that we split (very slowly) into two groups, I went with TR, Brazz, Smaj, Rouge,
Nanaki and some other furs to get food, we eventually decided upon the Danish Pancake place
it was super neat.

After that went back to Ibis and skritched folks and snuggled well into the early morning,
did eventually get up as well, had breakfast at the hotel, said bye to folks and went
to the station, had to pay for upgrade to go via York so I could leave then rather
then have to wait until 4pm, however it still took a massive scary 8 hours to get home and
when I did, it was snowing.

Anywho I'm going to York in Feburary now and it will be super cool.

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