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Runt says;

Wow, my first actual LJ entry.


I seldom get involved with Fionacat, it's best that way.

Should probably be on medication but that's so not me...

I think i've finally come up with a reason for fionacat being homophobic.

At first it was fun, got lots of reaction from folks going, "You can't say that! She can't say that can she?!" and numerous threats of being banned and such.

Most folks still remeber this, nobody cared that there wasn't a reason given or the exact nature of Fionacat's homophobia.

Anywho, I played it up a bit, She enjoys toying with people and this seemed to hit lots of nerves.

What did I think about it?

I smiled, I smile at lots of things.

In this case I smiled because nobody got it, there was lots and lots of noise and still nobody got it.

But did I agree?

Well no, not really.

I'm pretty much fluff irl, I don't care about sex or sexuality at all.

But now here we are a year and a bit down the line, and I've finally figured out why exactly Fionacat is supposed to be scared of homosexuals.

It boils down to one simple reason;

She's not.

I don't know what sexuality Fionacat is, if I ever meet her (god forbid) i'll ask but I don't think she's gay.

This in itself is not usually a problem.

Until you enter the world of Furry.

Now folks will probably shout and scream and tell me to shut the hell up and that i'm wrong, but the fact is if you aren't gay or bi then around 82 percent of Furry is not only not going to intrest you.

Worst still if you openly admit that you have a problem with this then people reject you, it's basic sexual discrimination really and happens all the time but hey you know that already and i'm wondering widly off topic here, and passivly or activly ensure that you know this rejection.

Fionacat doesn't care about this kind of thing, she probably even enjoys it in a sick and twisted kind of way.

But well I don't, and when people automatically assume that I have the same fucked up sense of reality as her, well hey that just sucks.

Anywho, this post is long and i'm tired and it's all been said now and i'm not sure what's happening anymore.

I like being skritched by the way, more so then any other fur in the world.

Look it's in writing so it must be true.

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