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A little song;

Sung to tune of "I was driving in my car..." [Bits in square brackets are shouted out afterwards.]

I was driving in my car! [Well actaully it was my dad's but you know...]
I was getting rather far! [All the way from home to Clinterty Farm [That's 6 miles away!!]]
I had made a few mistakes... [Key wouldn't turn in the ignition for starters...]
I almost had an accident! [Stupid gears fault really...]
Then much to my surprise! [I was shocked and blinded by this.]
My Learners plate went for a fly! [Without the rest of the car might I add.]
I pulled in over to some mud. [Well it was brown anyway...]
And got my dad to drive on now. [Don't wanna be breaking the law now kiddies.]

So yes, fun journey.

Dunno how I was supposed to know that the car had a anti-theft device to stop you from turning
the key in the ignition, sounds a bit stupid really but it does work...

Was doing really well actually until the L plate did a double sommersault over the car and
is probably sitting by some cows now.

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