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I was going to watch invader Zim, but the sound don't work on that download which sucks.

There's two iced ring doughnuts sitting (in a box, natch) on top of my monitor.

I have no idea why either, I don't recall putting them there.

Nope fairly sure that wasn't me...

In other news there's been yet another spate of furs leaving, this time it's not just the Fandom but the internet which is so dumb it's mindboggling.

How anyone can not afford �14/month for internet access is quite beyond me, I managed that when I was unemployed so folks who have vauge jobs should have no problems.

I sigh here *sigh*

Moving swiftly on, I'd like to mention george_w_bush The "real" one at least made a powerful speech on how the war against terrorism is only just beginning.

Which is nice to know. I wonder why none of his predecssors had these problems with terrorists?

It's not like this is a new problem, in fact it's a very old one but it only seems to have come up now when the world is in a state of financial flux.

He went on to say a whole pile of crap you can read here it's mostly hot air and now standard poltical crap so I would personally not waste my time.

The one thing that worried me lots was Dubya's approval rating (Image (C) Washington Post)) which is now at 80%

As individuals I know many fantastic and really cool Americans but as a nation...

Well less said the better really.

I'm going to eat one of those doughnuts now.


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