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Enemies list;

Well I decided to draw up an enemies list, it's quite short but these are folks that I wouldn't piss on to put out if they were on fire.

Tom Roebuck - More an Archenemy, he is uberevil. Think Nasty Nick from big brother but without the civility or niceness. He has a long track record and in a constant back and forth battle we (the KGB) have won by having him banned from the RGUSA.

ytaya Who is a manipulative bitch and I will destroy. Not really of course, but she is manipulative and she smells too. She is one of the few people who have made me crawl into the loft and cry.

fionacat Yes, i'm on my own enemies list. Still, keep your friends close... I am my own worst enemy.

[+++ addition]

scruff Because he asked for it. HA! HAHAHA!

He's only an enemy because I may or may not have some feelings for him and he completly ignores me.

of course I'm never going to admit that.

Me, have feelings.


Yeah right.

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