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About Fifteen Years Ago I:
1. Have purposefully wiped my mind of this period of time.
Must have been "intresting"

About Ten Years Ago I:
1. Found out about Furry in a wider context
2. Started on the Internet
3. Encountered some weird paranormal stuff that i've still never had explained

About Five Years Ago I:
1. Found the KGB
2. Started Roleplaying
3. Started University

About Three Years Ago I:
1. Was very very very ill
2. Missed lots of University
3. Started playing Fionacat

About Two Years Ago I:
1. Had my first real job
2. Saw my first DVD movie
3. Spent a lot of time in Crown Street

About One Year Ago I:
1. Started working here in Helliburton
2. Was officially "too old" for some shit.
3. Found other furs in Aberdeen

About Six Months Ago I:
1. Was still working here
2. Started writing a LiveJournal

Today I:
1. Have drunk some irn-bru
2. Eaten some Minstrals
3. Changed my Far Side calendar to the 11th

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