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The story of my life.

But it's short.

I'm so boring.


1979 - @create "Charles Alexander Brown" (#JK772769B) from Margaret Helen Brown (Ne� Leslie) and
Charles McKenzie Brown on the 24th Day of June at around 4pm.

1980 - Visited lots of other places, my passport looks like swiss cheese from various trips to
Denmark, France, Germany (West), Belgium, Norway, Finland, Austria and Yugoslavia for some unknown

1981 - More visiting

1982 - Still visiting places...

1983 - Back home, difrent home as well, we move from the countryside to 3 Leddach road
My little brother is born.

1984 - Denmark again, I remeber this it's like the first thing I can remeber, I lost my cap here.

1985 - School

1986 - School

1987 - School

1988 - School

1989 - School

1990 - School

1991 - School

1992 @name jk772769B = Runt

1992 - Academy, A ickle 13 year old kid in the big wide world, gets on the "internet" and finds this
thing called Furry. Things are never really the same again.
Started being called "Runt" by choice sometime in October, folks laughed but friends found it cool.

1993 - Academy

1994 - Academy, Get OOH bbs with internet launcher at home, it costs shit loads but does provide a 'net
connection of some kind.

1995 - Academy

1996 - Academy, Get AOL at home, it still costs shit loads but allows the use of telnet among other
things. Get permanent account on Furrymuck.

1996 August - Academy, Get accepted as Helpstaff on Furrymuck, find most folk don't share problems
with a cute (yet dim) puppy dog. Change nick to Fionacat on-line in some places.

1997 - University RGU, go to Uni, find out about Roleplaying, things are never really the same.

1998 - University... but not. Have horrificly bad flu for 6 months (2 of which spent in bed looking at
television going *drooool*)

1999 - University [External Candidate]

2000 - Working some what at BP get lots of money, am unemployed offically but still doing Uni work as
external candidate.

2001 - University [External Candidate] Finally finish with University, get a real job at Halliburton.

2002 - Here and now.

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