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Anywho weekendage, bit crack smoking really, started with mu folks leaving for Newcastle on Friday.

So free house!


Except I live 7 miles out from civilization.

And there's very few buses.

And the few buses that do make it are horrible expensive.

So Friday alone, by myself playing Angband.

Saturday, injection day, drag self from bed go to Doctor's surgery get jab, leave go home feel all woopy for rest of day watch endless hours of junk, sleep.

Sunday, wake up at silly hour in the morning (0830, on a sunday!) could go see Anthony Stewart Head in Forbidden Planet, decide that's not a really great idea...

Get into Aberdeen head to Plan 9 see nmonkeyj, elitadraconia, demon_penguin and heleo all heading into Slains Caslte (a pub, that used to be a church) for lunch.

Continue to Plan 9, by stuph and head back to Slains, drink weak lemon drink.

Go to Cinema and watch Ocean's Eleven, fun flik but nothing outstanding.

Return to Matt (nmonkeyj)'s place watch Memento recut thanks to electricdog's help it is good and makes sense.

Watch Run Lola Run and then Army of Darkness - Evil Dead III - The Medievil Dead.

Sleep after introducing elitadraconia to the concept of "Skritching" yay for me.

Wake up at another unholy hour, 0700 this time, thought it was 0530 at first so finding out it was a mere 0700 was comforting.

Went to Maccd's bought food headed onto train arrived at Dyce station, got taxi to work, arrived at work in record time.

Here, now.


Next week - York.
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