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My boss (Europe and Africa team leader; Moira): If it's for me I don't want to speak to anyone.
Me: Mmmkay. (//Pickup from voicenet)
Me: Good morning Moira's phone. (We are so low down in tech support we don't have to identify ourselves, our company, our department or anything...)
Voice: Ahh good morning, Could I speak to Moira please?
Me: I'm afraid she's unable to take calls just now, can I take a message.
Voice: Oh, it's Rob Houston here (IT Global co-ordinator, my boss's boss's boss.) I'd arranged to call Moira at this time.
Me: Please hold one moment... (//Secrecy)
Me: Moira, it's Rob Houston....

*A beat*

Moira: Put him on
Me: (\\Secrecy) Thank you, i'm just patching you to her now.
Me: (//Transfer via voicenet)

I should probably be terrorfied.

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