Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

Would you like to take a survey?

... why not.

- Nickname(s): Fionacat, Fee IRL: Charles Brown (it's a nick name now, how amusing) Squeeky
- Age: 20something
- Gender: Fluff > Masculine
- Height: This tall |-----> 5 foot 11 inches <------|
- Length: The same, duh.
- Hair color: Brownish
- Eye color: Blueish
- Blood type: O -
- Fingernail color: Natural
- Shoe size: 8
- Religion: Church of Scotland

- Band(s): Capdown, SClub7, anything bouncy really
- Shop(s): Plan 9, Assylum, Forbidden Planet.
- Color(s): Yellow I guess.
- Animal(s): Cats, Dogs, Mice, Dragons um all sorts really.
- Video Game(s): Angband, Dark Forces II, Civ: Call to power
- Book(s): The Dumas Club, The Tenth Kingdom, Master and Magarita
- Comic(s): Squee, I feel sick, Lenore and the Invader Zim comic when 'nny gets around to it.
- Person(People): Far too many to mention in here. Check my user info for a short list of friends.
- Celebrity(-ies): Ooooooh um dunno, never really met anyone terrible famous, Gary Linker I guess.
- TV Show(s): 24 (and it's just started as well...), Le Femme Nikita and hmmmmm some version of Star Trek
- Cartoon(s): Gosh, um Zim, A!, Patb, Potsworth & Co, Muppet Babies, Bonkers, ... it goes on.
- Song(s): Laterns: The Sea monkey song.
- Quote(s): "I'm somewhere between Apathy and Ambivilence on that issue." - nmonkeyj
- Quote from movie: Azrael in Dogma, "Oh no, I've seen way too many Bond movies to know that you never reveal all the details of your plan, no matter how close you may think you are to winning."
- Lyric from song: "Spread your wings and learn to fly..." From the pokemon sound track

- Band(s): Uhhhh, most boy bands that try to be better then Take That.
- Shop(s): Coffee shops, expensive yet pointless.
- Color(s): Amber
- Animal(s): Insectoids.
- Video Game(s): Angband, it's a love/hate thing...
- Book(s): Prachett, all of them.
- Comic(s): Voltaire's goth comic, dunno the name.
- Person(People): Tom Roebuck
- Celebrity(-ies): Dunno any to hate
- TV Show(s): Temptation Island and it's ilk.
- Cartoon(s): Angela Anaconda and it's ilk.
- Song(s): Any with way to much profanity.
- Quote(s): "Baka..." because I say it too often now.
- Quote from movie: Mickey Mouse: God bless Minnie, God bless Pluto, God bless everyone! Amen! How trite.
- Lyric from song: Gosh.... dunno.

- What do you say too often?: Baka...
- Single or Taken?: Yes
- Half empty or half full?: It's almost all gone, Fionacat needs water; Badly!
- Do surveys suck?: Mostly no, this one however...
- Do you suck?: Only to breathe
- Who sucks more: Britney or Pink?: Or who? Pink??
- Who should die?: The Lawyers then the politicans
- System of a Down or Linkin Park: System of a Down
- Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper: Neither
- Weezer or Blink 182: Weezer
- Pok�mon or Digimon: Both
- Kids or No Kids: Kids
- Guys or Girls: Either
- Sheep or Incest: Neither
- Peace and Love or War and Hate: Peace and hate would be a better combo.
- Suicide or Homicide: Homicide
- Moose or Piggies: Moose
- Cat or Dog: Both
- Necrophelia or Zoophelia: Neither
- Is this survey getting a bit disgusting?: Crap, yes. Disgusting, no.
- Are you happy this is the last question?: Very.


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