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Certainly a crack smoking day...

A pretty serious bad one at that.

Everyone's all mopey over what's going to happen.

Bad foo

I took this meme because I'm bored and really want a rl hug.


From a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most)...
1. How gay are you?: 2 to 7. Depends who I'm with and what I'm doing.
2. How weak are you?: 6. Physically I'm pretty r0xx0r, mentally i'm quite sound.
3. How manly are you?: 5. I'm not really into that gender assoiation thing.
4. How happy are you?: 8. Sure I moan about not being 10 and I don't sound too happy but things could be worse, i'm quite optimistic really.
5. How loud are you?: 4. I'm a bit quiet really.
6. How stupid are you?: 9. Mouth+Foot = Default
7. How tired are you?: 4. I'm quite awake just now, it's almost 1630.
8. How hungry are you?: 2. I'm almost saited from lunch, Macaroni and Tuna.
9. How deaf are you?: 7. I have problems making out unclear phrases.
10. How busy are you?: 11. I am running out of memory to multi-task

What's your favourite...
1. 5 CD's: Vib-Ribbon, Pokemon 2BA Master, Bernadette Peters - Bernadette, An American Tail - Soundtrack, Princess Mononoke VCD
2. 5 films: Princess Mononoke, 5th Element, Aliens, Pokemon 2000, Catnapped
3. Cartoon: ... Too hard to choose
4. Chat Show: None
5. Food: Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish and Fish.
6. Thing in McDonalds: The way out
7. Lyric (at the moment): Meh
8. Feeling: Jelly
9. Simpsons 'bit': D'oh!
10. Insult?: See that *spit* that's your swimming pool that is.

When did you last?
1. Eat?: 4 hours ago
2. Sing?: 20 minutes ago
3. Tell someone you loved them?: Last night
4. Lied to someone?: Probably today sometime answering my bosses phone. "She's not at her desk right now..."
5. Cry?: Too long ago.
6. Insult someone?: Intentionally? Three days ago
7. Hurt someone?: Intentionally? Never.
8. Play an instrument?: Couple of weeks back
9. Done some worth-while work?: Oooh um last weekend.
10. Feel touched by something someone said to you?: Every time someone speaks.

What is the worst...

1. Gig you've been to?: Meh
2. Thing you've ever done?: ... Not here.
3. Piece of work you've done?: Everyday 0900 to 1630 Mon-Thur
4. Feeling you've felt?: Grit
5. Excuse you've made?: "I just can't be arsed." it was lame.
6. Thing you've seen?: Wasps nest
7. Taste you've had?: Raw potato
8. Photo of you like?: Meh
9. Piece of clothing you have?: Meh
10. Cup of coffee you've had?: Don't drink Coffee


1. Did you last hug?: Sonja
2. Did you last compliment?: Dunno, uh.... Thayli I guess.
3. Did you last touch?: Myself, before that My Boss.
4. Did last kiss?: Me mom
5. Put's the 'bounce in your step'?: ...
6. Hurt in your eyes?: Meh
7. Will always be there through thick and thin?: I will. Really, no matter how dark it get's
8. Do you miss?: Nullmouse, HarryDenton, everyone.
9. Do you need the most?: ... Meh
10. Last dream about? It was something bloody surreal about driving a turtle on a camping trip.

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