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Slow day (as usual) overly warm (as average) and it looks like a fanatastic warm and sunny day outside (first this year)

Been thinking about Holidays.

Was of course going to have a short break over Easter at the Nationals or assuming it did fall in (as it often does...) Therians.


Not that I could do anything about either but it's annoying that both of these events just collapsed on themselves.

Cenfur doing all right, have 30 replies and the ubersupermega cool darac is going to do an online form which will be mega and make things easier.

Ideally I'd like everyone who has even a connection to furry in the UK to fill one in, just to get a snapshot of what it's like now.

Next year there's plans for more questions, a SQL selectable table so you can do a lookup of who is where, integration into other places, linkage with other fur groups expansion to include furs outside the uk.

It's a mad huge plan, that will be really great to pull off.
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