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We know where you are...

Name: Fionacat
Age: 24h
Anything else we should know: Probably.

Section 1 - The World According to You
Who rules the world? Nobody anymore, that's why it's so broken.
Who SHOULD rule the world? Squirrels. They would do a good job.
If you ruled the world, what would the world be like? Pretty cruddy, i'd make a terrible world leader.
Do you approve of genocide? Not really, far too unstylish.
Are you a dictator at heart (please specify facist or communist)? Nah.
Which nation should be ruling the world? Tibet, that would be cool.
Which nation should be obliterated, wiped off the man and abolished from the history books, the scum that they are? None of them really, maybe Iceland as it doesn't seem to do anything.

Section 2 - Looks.
Are looks important? Hell no.
Is that because you're ugly? Probably
Really? Yes
Sure? Uh... why not >=Xp
Rate your own attractiveness on a scale of 1-10: 4
You're all dressed up and someone looks at you funny. Your reaction? I don't notice. Happens a lot.
Do you know what a Vanity Session is? No. If so, prove it: All right, I have no idea at all.
Should men be pretty or butch? Pretty Butch.

Section 3 - Admit it, you're mercenary as all hell.
Do you have lots of money? Sadly no, I spend far too much of it.
Do you want lots of money? Not really, money is nice and all but it doesn't really exist.
Do you think love is all and money is unimportant compared to true happiness with your soulmate, you bloody sap? Soulmate? What Soulmate?? >=Xp
Does money equal love? No
If so, at what rate per hour? -
Is your body yours to sell? Yep, I own myself.
If so, at what rate per hour? ... I have cash, I can pay...
Would you marry for money? Probably not
Would you ADMIT to marrying for money? Sure
Are you Liz Hurley? Not last time I checked

Section 4 - For a good time, call...
For a start, have you ever called one of "those" numbers? No
Do you have the faintest idea what "those" numbers are for? 0891 ...
Are you well and truly corrupted? Undoubtably
Are you corrupted at all? Sure
Are you Peyma? Again not last time I checked, but I could be wrong...
Leather, rubber or PVC? Leather
Baaaaa? Meh
Miaow? Mwrol
Who, what, where, why and when? ??? Dunno.
Sell the photos? Nah
On the net? ... ... maybe
On eBay? Nah, Furbid.
Sex without love? Dunno
Love without sex? Dunno
Celibacy? Sadly yes
VOLUNTARY celibacy? Fortutatly no

Section 5 - Miscellaneous
Would you say you have a life? Not just now, no.
Are the Beatles overrated? Yes
Tony Blair is assassinated. Justifiable homicide? Yes, can we bundled Bush in there as well?
Are you a cartoon character? Sometimes.
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? Over the hills and far away
Where is the life that late I lead? Your own
To be, or not to be? That is the pencil, so sharp and to the point.
And finally: Why? Because God is Real, unless declared Integer.

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