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Well I'm back...


Why am I back?

I should be out of here and somewhere else by now.

This isn't quite going to plan.

Given what I had planned for this weekend it turned out pretty rubbish to be honest.

Not that I'm saying the crazyness of Fight Club followed by Lost in Space at nmonkeyj's splatt wasn't great it's just compared to what was on planned (Kashycon, Therians (Crashed) and the Student Nationals (Crashed)) and the incredibly joy of playing Dungeon Keeper all Friday and razzing frazzing Magic: Teh Gathering all Sunday (or for around 9 maybe 10 hours at least...) followed by doing not much of anything in particular on Monday.

Well I guess I was hoping for something more...

Anywho, yes I am back here at work now.


It's probably the worst descision I've made all weekend.


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