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I suddenly was filed with a moment of *shock* when I realised how many folks I had in my friends list and I started to wonder, "What the heck does that mean anywho."

I mean who are my friends?

Are they folks I know?
Folks i've talked to?
Or folks I can sum up with at least a sentance?

[Based on the psych profiles of Fionacat; people you love you can say paragraphs about, people who are friends you can say sentences about, people you know you can sum up in about five words and people you've met you can say less the five words about.]

I'd like to think everyone in my livejournal friend's list is someone I know and kinda like, some I kinda like a lot, other I just vaugly know and "watch out" for.

I guess it myst be getting near going home time if i'm thinking stuff like this >=X)

I really wanted to make this entry friends/private but remebered I promised anything I had to say the world could hear.

Bah! Stoopid promises...
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