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That was a pretty cool (if some what bizzare) weekend.

Met felineparadox and he's ubercoolios in a tigery kind of way.

Spent the night with nullmouse, draconis and kytheraen watching foo including the end of Bottom Live which was oddness before hiking down the road and getting American Pie 2 (vaugly funny I guess...) Jeepers Creepers (very funny if only for being so very CRAP, WORST ENDING; EVER!!!) and then Seven (which I haven't seen before, pretty nifty.) before crashing to Akira (ACE Managanime goodness.) however draconis introduced me to the evil of Rez, which I love hugely now and will by a dreamcast explcitly to play on.

Uh didn't actually sleep until 6am playing Rez and some Grandia 2, also Batcave (for that is the name of Null's place) doesn't like me much or at least the front room doesn't it's got a ghostie or somethink in it for it is a very evil place.


Sunday was as Sunday does, woke up around 1-ish and showed Dwaggon Rez level 5.

Eventually showed Crumbs off to bus station, sadly not in his PVC pants (grrk, sound like a 'merkin der...) before heading off to nmonkeyj's splatt and meeting with Sonja and Helen (I forget how to spell lj nicks of Sonja but Helen is heleo) which was nice as dantecorwyn was there also.

Uh that was about it really, neat weekend.

Yes there was more and things I should have said but this is not the time nor place, I am Happy.


Ooh and met another fur (online) and he's fae like Rothienorman which is just up the road from here.

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