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The following users are most like Fionacat;

Apparently according to I ain't like other LJ users.

Not that much anyway...

Q:What is the Magic Index number?
A: Each matching user gets computed a magic index, which is a weighting of two factors: the raw number of like interests, and some extra points for sharing uncommon interests.

So the higher the number, the more you share.

Let's take a glance at white_wolf's list;
44 - vivadawolf
55 - timato
77 - mikazo


With me so far?

Now let's look the results of my list;

# Username Magic number index
1. darkminstrel 15.253

That's the first line, the person who shares the most intrests with me has a score of 15.2 (and I'm sure I know this person but can't for the life of me think who it is...)

Let's carry down the list to find the first person on my friends list;

22 growf 6.850

That's right, 22 entries down before I actually recognise someone.


Must fix my intrests...
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