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Told you it would take a while...

acefox Cute English fur have met once or twice, sound bloke.
acmemouse Married to OkkayWarner, neat fuzzy mouse like being, good sense of clothing style
adcott Power user from beyond the stars, incredibly good LJ person probably insane (in a good way)
n Used to be Paddy, now a dragon with a name I can't spell. Met him once is ickle small
ahsha Evil deer with anime tenticles of doom (apparently) collects tails and is fun to watch
alenacat Uberace artist and very cute tramperkitty
alpha_hannah Ickle and cool if somewhat manic (in a good way) human
alw UKfur that i've only started reading but I'm sure I know from elsenet.
andyfox Very murry fopstype who does RPG foo and should be organising Project Unity.
angband_game Issa community for like folks that play Angband. | < &&& @| Bugger.
angelod Angel ofDeath/Destruction/Delight whom I know form IRC
annoyingjournal Issa community made by Adcott, it's like the worst journal design tips EVER, ubercool.
antropoz A fur (?) from Aberdeen, had a thing with Bhata or something (it's real life, I don't got there often...) uhhh... will have to chat sometime.
artyskox Coolios American fur, ubercute LJicon image and always writes intresting foo.
ashtarat Someone I vaugly know on-line, sorry don't know too much about you...
astraldemon Astral from #uk, intresting and thought provoking posts.
aureth Fairly famous fur I know from FurryMuck, again ubercute LJicon
autolycus Fairly surreal and again from FurryMuck. Top notch read.
ayaluki Supermegauber coolios girl fae doon southlike. Amazingly cool and fantastic person.
b_rian Very talented artist who draws an online comic.
badpoetryinc Issa very messed up community with bees and things.
banana Fantastic guy from the UK very insightful and always has a cool toy or six to play with.
barberio Another artist this time from the UK however. Also has insomnia from time to time and is thus ubercool.
battie Very cute extremely friendly and fantastically ace pikamorph
benore Newish fur from Sheffield, he's going to be a wrestler I shall make him a panda costume for this...
bhata Melty kitty I know RL, supermurry kinda guy.
bhavfox Pr0n king of ukfurrydom, very excitable which is good.
blackrat Someone I vaugly know, don't remeber much about you...
blue_wolf Ickle wuff, very cool and neaters livejournal I like reading, likes Eddie Izzard so must be ace.
boyglow Superior animated livejournal of Boy, very very cool to read.
chaos_crafter Vaugly know of, related to Silverblue somehow.
emma_o_rama Pseudofur from Edinburgh, must meet sometime and talk about Eddie.
caldach RL friend fae Aberdeen, actually called Pippin and is ubersmart.
calgor Supercoolios daemon from Furrymuck and subsequently IRC, really nice guy.
camrath Melty kitty I know RL, supermurry kinda guy.
catbunny Cabbit, we got lost in Coventry at 03:20 at the last CoventryCon ever, that was great.
catkin Neaters fur from the South, lives with some other furs in a house, draws incredibly well.
celaurie Someone quasi-random I started to watch, from Edinburgh and writes some pretty kicking articles
changelogs Issa community, I'm watching this for some reason...
charlicat Very coolios kitty grrrrl always great to listen to
chipuni Wiz from Furrymuck, don't remeber you very well...
chocorisu Davidmouse as I know him is an incredibly talented computer programmer and a very neat and spunky kinda guy.
cipher One of the first folks I met on Livejournal, Cipher is pretty much the coolest person I know.
clawz_skunk Mate (?) of Kashy pretty talented artist and writer don't really know much about him...
cubey2135 Seb is a new fur that I really don't know much about at all but thus far is pretty fairly intresting.
dantecorwyn RL wufflike friend, writes very good stories should have a beard.
darac Uberkickass computer guy, have met once IRL as well.
dark_lordess Goffy kinda fur that I don't know much about, does lots of memes
darkminstrel Person who shared the most intrests with me for a while
davebunny Davey, uberfantastic artist and very cute bunnyguy.
demon_penguin Sonia (without a J) from RL is evil.
devia Writes the most fantastically intresting entries that I always read.
devvy20 Very evil person, I like lots has some cool ideas for sharing evilness.
diaryofahobbit Contributer to Viral Memite, have only recently started to read.
diodiva Nifty Ukfur that I don't really know much about.
disabledfurs Issa community for furs that aren't quite right.
dock Incredibly uberkawaii artist, must see more art
doggowoof Lee who's almost as infamous as myself. W00t
draconis Dwaggin! Cute but don't write that often
dreamersofgaia Sensational livejournal with extremly cool and insightful entries.
dresen 'nother UKfur, have talked to him on IRC but don't know much about him.
dsw Darkhorse is another uberleet computery type, met him and a bunch of folks in Manchester
dvd Fabby sheep fur who I've met on furry iirc.

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