July 6th, 2001


Gah got this really horrible cheast cough thing going on, it's really really not nice and I'm about to start working on this stupid list of users who have next to no information about them, all this before breakfast as well...
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    Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag


Time for a break I think, some nice coooooool Lucazade and a Smacks ceral and milk bar for breakfast sound good...
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    Beatles - All the loney people

94 down...

9155 to go.

9155? What, well ya see I just found a rather "Major" bug with the software we are using, there are currently 9155 people with software licences that they aren't being charged for.

Please, i've been such a good anime kitty......
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Welllllllllll that's all i can do.

Gonna be a fun monday.

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Calm before

It's so nice and quiet just now, I could actually get some proper real work done (yeah right...) might even get a chance to finish breakfast...