July 16th, 2001

Of fursuits and RPG Cons

Wellllllllll all in all it was a really pretty "sweet" weekend.

Saturday was ultimatly the dullest of the two days, so much so that around 2pmish went to watch Pokemon3, not quite as scary as the second fortunatly and a quite fun film.

Sat evening was in live action Call of Cthulu and much to my delight it was a really good game, a little unsutle to quickly but still really well run (if ultimatly far to complex; long story short read the wrong ritual failed to stop Hastur being summoned and brought Mr Cthulu into the In-Between space as well, there were no reports of any survivers...)

Sunday was much more fun, didn't actually do much of anything, (ran toon mainly) but did play in a few good board games and talk and watch games being ran.
Oh and wore my fursuit allllllll day, which was nice >=X)
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Think I might pop off for a burger or something for lunch today (having nothing else to actually eat...) currently in the middle of yet another fun happy happy fun accounting excerise this time called, "Guess who shouldn't have access!" 70 odd users with applications they may or may not be allowed to use, my job find those who may not and remove their access.
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And then I realised it was 4:30 and i'd been rushed off my feet since lunch time (don't think the burger was that well cooked... Blech...)

Um yes, gotta go now, go sleep, bid on furbid, hmmmmm...
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