July 24th, 2001

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So I'm all set and incredibly happy as the inbox is sitting at 208 (last week high = 272) so hopefully a quiet day today.

Night-Walker tonite, troupe play and it's probably going to be an auction I'm hoping to get the NPC of the Auctioneer, I feel like a little shouting and pointing.
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Hmmmm, break....

Recieved confirmation that my earphones are being send by royal mail so that's nice.
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Having some nummy yummy warm tomatoe soup and just phoned my lawyer but they are with a client just now so we'll see after 2pmish...
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I want to be at AC...

I think if I plan ahead I might be able to go next year but there are so many other things I need to do between now and then that I doubt I'll be able to do any of the things I want...

The thing is I'm not even sure what i'd do at a furcon, sleep mainly I guess...
It's not like I actually do anything intresting in real life, my existance is on the internet which is kinda nifty to think one is nothing more then a focused stream of information surfing between here and the stars.

Maybe I should take up a hobby...
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Yes, yes they are, much hurty pain.

I'm going to try gouging my eyes out now, excuse me a moment...

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Or alternativly I can just wash 'em in nice cooooooooling water and take some ibuprofen, that does seem a better plan then gouging out my eyes.

Right let's try that lawyer now...
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What's that lassie?

Strange fumes escaping from the warehouse (which incidentally is adjoined to our office with no ventaliation) making everyone sick?

What and the symptoms include burning eyes, sore throat and light headiness.

All three of which I'm currently feeling...

Oh right, thanks Lassie, you really are a super dog...

Bleh, stupid sparkies...
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