July 25th, 2001

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Good morning the time is now 0730.

Pardon? 07, you mean 17 right...?

Oh nutbunnies I'm at work the wrong side of 8 o'clock...

Anywho Nightwalker was a really neat funfun game last night so that was cool.
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It's as slow as a turtle in superglue.

There is no work to do, I am happy yet so incredibly incredibly bored...
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I just got headhunted! (eep!!)

Um yes, really someone is looking for me and another person to do a COE rollout down in Bedfordshire (Northampton area...) for 3 to 9 months for a 40 hour week @ 20/hour.

Yes 20.

That's around 750/week.

I love reality, she's such a bitch at times.
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I just realised it's gonna be very quiet with so many folks at AC (I still wanna call it AAC...)
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