July 27th, 2001

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Good morning!

Coolios, last night Conker's Bad Fur day, Tank Girl, Digimon World (PSX) and Point Blank 3 allllll arrived, amma happy bouncy entertained kitty >=X)
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Viral Meme Haiku

Viral Memes aren't,
Tell a Someone that,
Viral Memes lie,
Tell people they are false.

And oh yeah if you give Xydexx a big hug as it's his birthday today that'll be my evil for the day complete.
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I'm sorry the service you called...

"...Is not availible in Scotland."
'Um why?'
"Well because we simply don't operate in Scotland..."
'Right... Why?'
"It's company policy..."
'Isn't that geographist or something?'
"Nope, sorry goodbye!"


This kind of thing really really annoys me and it'd be so much easier to fix if they just put a one sentence paragraph up saying so on the web page.

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Almost time to go home, gonna go meet up in a nice pub tonight and chat about things then tommorrow horrors of horrors, I actually learn how to drive (legally)
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