August 9th, 2001

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Well my teeth are strong and healthy, apparently I needed to pay 5 just to get this confirmed...

No musick today, forgot me Ceedee player, bah...
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Holy flying monkeys!

Gencon is in 21 days and I still don't have any accomidation sorted out...

Ahhhhh crap.

On another note i finished colouring Kanda's TF pictures (ref: secret projects of Fionacat #73) and I might get some doodles up into me pictures today now I have a vaugly useable paint program.
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What most folks don't realise is I'm old.
What nobody realises is just how old I am, i've been around since 1992.
It doesn't sound much but that's 9 years on the internet in one form or another.
This has given me a "unique" viewpoint on most situations, some would say it's almost "dettached". It's because I've seen it before and about 100 times worse.
So Bob called Sally a bitch which caused the channel to errupt in a flame war.
It's not a flame war however, it's just a simple discussion, i've seen flame wars (I grew up on DALnet, you get smart really quick there...) that have escalated into channel takeovers and even IRCOP battles (great to see who has the faster KLINE alias...)
Realitivly speaking the "flame wars" that are happening are tame, they wouldn't normally even register on my interest scale except for one thing.
They are personal.
It sounds odd but the mass battles I'm used to were about the issues not about the people, it was cleaner and nicer that way because ultimatly it didn't matter if you won or lost, it was about the stuff you did in-between.
Things have changed, in Sociology 101 we looked at how people didn't actually talk anymore, how the divide in social contact was causing extreme negative situations in society and a general sense of disillusion, here we have proof of it.
It's not about issues anymore, folks don't "discuss" what's going on any more and instead talk about people, the trouble is they talk about people in a bad attention seeking way ("Did ya here what Brian did when he left the channel, well now...") worsing the situation by having an increased level of paranoia and distrust.

The soultion to this is however not to call for peace but to call for confrontation once again yet until the issues rather then the people become what is important the fragmentation amongst IRC communities will continue.
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