August 10th, 2001

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I like today

Why? 'cause it's palandromic!

Lookie -> 10/8/01


Sorry simple things like this amuse me greatly.

Managed to get proof that #northukfurs is indeed a hang out for social reprobates, idiots and the yiff obssessed.

Which was a shame really.
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BSOD, normally not an unsual occurance but this BSOD is on an NT box! Woah...
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I should probably write another deep thought for the day and it shall be;
Why the character of Fionacat has to be disliked.

If ya watch Fionacat in a irc channel (not on Furrymuck where she is neat) then you'll notice she doesn't actually do much of anything, occasionally commenting in a snide and almost bitchy way about things from time to time but in general she doesn't do much.

So why don't folks like her?

Wellllll it's probably because she's an evil little kitty (really) who acts as a catalyst for conversation.

Now as we looked at people see "arguments" as being about the people, not the issues, so when Fionacat says something she's talking about the issue, not the person who is denouncing the evils of anything which is non-spork like.

Then as if by magic, it was time to go home >=X)
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