August 15th, 2001

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Last nigth was "bad intresting" um i dunno, i'm sure it'll make sense to someone...

Might try writing something later but i'll probably just try colouring some more piccies
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Just to reiterate - I hate accountants.

Bah, this has been the most mind-numbing braincell killing task to date.
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So here I am on hold, it's been about what 40 minutes now...


Well at least the music is bearable and can be changed...

I am the annonymous flashing light on some switchboard of a building I'll never see, waiting to be answered by someone I will never know.

Phones rock.
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A mere, um what ever time it is later....

I feel all fuzzy, I'm going to go lie down for a while, hopefully I'll wake up on Friday.e
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