August 17th, 2001

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Amma live!!

Apparently it's all just a really really nasty allergic reaction (combinining to make me very very ill)

My tubes are in very good nick (managed to get the Asthma test up to 550)

Got some Fexofenadine Hydrochloride to make me well.

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Just for Scruff...

FoT - False or True?!

A simple fun easy to play game which you answer a whole pile of ultimatly useless questions.
This viral meme was brought to you directly from Nullmouse's brain, so blame him.
Each question must be answered False, True or Unsure.

There are no right or wrong answers, but that won't stop folks from trying.

Anywho, on with the game...

1 - I consider myself normal.
2 - I like oranges.
3 - Rabbits annoy me.
4 - The sky is blue.
5 - I wash regularly.
6 - I am hot.
7 - I am cold.
8 - The sea is blue.
9 - I talk to plants.
a - Rick Morante is dead.
b - I understand Spanish.
c - This test is in hexadecimal.
d - I can count in hexadecimal.
e - Latin is a dead language.
f - Mobile phones are evil.
10- Slime is nice.
11- Plants talk to me.
12- The truth is out there.
13- I brush my teeth.
14- 42 is a funny number.
15- Monkeys are ace.
16- I talk to monkeys.
17- There is no spoon.
18- This is not a sentance
19- I like eggs.
1a- The sea is blue.
1b- Bubble wrap is great.
1c- I like caffiene.
1d- Coffee tastes nice.
1e- I have weird dreams.
1f- I enjoy my job.
20- Cats have fur.
21- Dogs have fur.
22- Fish have no fur.
23- I talk to Fish.
24- Fish talk to me.
25- I hear voices.
26- I see dead people.
27- Monkeys are ace.
28- This is not a sentance.
29- I wear pants.
2a- I used to wet the bed.
2b- Rain falls from the sky.
2c- The sky is blue.
2d- I like turnips.
2e- Onions make me cry.
2f- I enjoyed taking this test.
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This viral meme is brought to you c/o Ytaya;

I have:
I see:
I hate:
I miss:
I wonder:
I want:
I regret:
I need:
I wish:
I fear:
I hear:
I love:
I smell:
I crave:
I feel:

When was the last time you...
Talked to an ex:
Kissed someone:
Were sarcastic:
Had a nightmare:
Bought something:

Last book you read:
Last song you heard:
Last movie you saw:
Last thing you had to drink:
Last time you showered:
Last thing you ate:

Do you...
Do drugs:
Live in the moment:
Sleep with stuffed animals:
Have sex:
Play an instrument:
Had a dream that keeps coming back:
Believe there is life on other planets:
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever:
Consider yourself tolerant of others:
Remember your first love:
Have any straight friends:
Read the newspaper:
Still love your first love:
Believe in miracles:
Have a favorite candy:
Wish on stars:
Believe in God:
Believe in magic:
Believe in astrology:
Like the taste of alcohol:
Hate yourself:
Talk to strangers who IM you:
Have any bad habits:
Like your handwriting:
Collect anything:
Have a secret crush:
Have any piercings:
Have any tattoos:
Go to church:
Have any pets:
Wear hats:
Believe in ghosts:
Care about looks:
Believe in Satan:
Believe in witches:
Have a best friend:
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Was just at a coproate hoaring meeting, it was actually quite good, if only because there was free cake and drinks >=X)
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