August 22nd, 2001

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Awwwww, Carole (office co-workery thing) just had presentation 'cause she's gonna have a baby thing realllllly soon and today is her last day.

So there was much present unwrapping and everyone got a doughnut, which was nice.

Think i'll get some BSE burger again today, since I forgot the tuna i've been meaning to bring for the past... four days.

Fssr The Phantom of the opera (plushie) is sitting on top of my monitor.

No... I have no idea either.
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It's a TOWER BURGER(tm) also known as a Scooby Snax(tm)

Commonly defined by the properties of being unsure if you are supposed to eat it or climb it.
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Naming convetions 101

Let it be recorded and known that on this glourious day of our lord the 22nd of August 2001 at ... ... ... sometime in the Afternoon the plant formally known simply as Plant shall be called;


Furthermore the computer known only by it's unique ID address as ENS/P650/02830/DOI-8032DLBJ0212 shall be called;

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