August 27th, 2001


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It hurts....

Oh dear, had a great weekend but I think I may have broken my legs.
Lemme see.
Hmmm Saturday got home and then had driving lesson before heading back into town.
Where I ran some D&D which was allllll weird 'cause they got ahead of da metaplot and everything went all *wibble* Players. Go fig...

Den I met up with a Nullmouse anna Draco and Jamyz (who should be a monkey) and had a nice nummy meal atta LittleJohns then off to the cinema where we saw Vincent and The Nightmare before christmas.
Went back to Null's and played Dance Stage - Euromix (yesyes, commonly refered to as DDR or Dance Dance Revoloution but I don't know why 'cause i've NEVER EVER seen a machine that's actually called that...) and also played Bishi Bashi and Point Blank and Unreal Tournament.
Onna Sunday headed down to UGC and watched Rush Hour 2 which was funny and cool.
Then watched Draco go all bouncy on the arcade version of Dance Stage and I played Fighting Mania (which is kinda like DDR but ya have to hit things and it's all GARRRRRR aggresive like, much punchy action)
However all this did mean around 8 miles of walking, which is now hurting.

Today I shall mostly be continuing to colour Terrie's picture and doing virtually no work as England is on holiday so there's very little for us to do here.
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