September 5th, 2001

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Hmmm, very quiet end of the world, House Shrek (long long long long story) wins and saves the universe AGAIN (9th time in a row thus far...) and i'm felling pretty happy like 'cause there's a plan to go see Mulan Rouge with a mousie, dwaggon and Shatsome Jam.
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01. Time you started: 0740
02. Name: Varies
03. Nicknames: Squeek, Fee
04. Screename[s]: Fionacat, Runt, Squeek
05. Ethnicity: Scottish
06. Grade: 3 in 1
07. GPA (Grade points average): 9
08. Gender: Guy thing
09. Birth date: 24th June 1979
10. Zodiac sign: whatever
11. Current Location: Work - Dyce
12. Height: Tallish
14. Eye Color: Blueish
15. Siblings: Two, one older sis (Sandra), one younger brother (Chris)
16. Crush: Hmmmm, orange juice....
17. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: *sigh*
18. If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be? Anyone? Nononono really...
19. Memory you miss most? I don't know I've forgotten it, duh...
20. Memory you would like to forget: Most of the bad things I have already put into long term repressed memories.
21. What'd you do yesterday: Tried to catch up with work i missed whilst on holiday
22. Last person you talked to on the phone: Mattman
23. Last thing you said: "I'm glad this is a freephone number"
24. Last song you listened to: Papa Roach - Last resort

[ The "Favorite" Side ]
25. Food: Pizza (?)
26. Drink: Irn-Bru
27. Colour: Red
28. Day of the week: Tuesday
29. Month: Septemeber
30. Number: 1221
31. Holiday: Summer
32. Cookie: *droool* COOKIE!!
33. Toothpaste: Aquafresh
34. Ice Cream: Strawberry cheesecake
35. Candy bar: Yorkie - Rasin and biscuit
36. Favorite channel: C4
37. Shampoo/Conditioner: Any of the "Source" varient
38. Songs: Anything by Bernadette Peters or from the stage/television

[ The "People You Know" Side]
39. Friends: Around 600, really.
40. Best Friends: Around 600
41. Silliest Friend: #447 - Nakko Squirrel (who is not only "silly" but very cute and brilliant)

[ The "Believe it or Not" Side]
42. Aliens: Yep
43. Angels: Yep
44. Heaven/Hell: Yep
45. God: Yep
46. Yourself: Yep

[The "Have You Ever" Side]
47. Been on a plane: Yep
48. Cried in public: Yep
49. Climbed a tree: Yep
50. Eaten A Worm: Nope
51. Kissed a guy/girl: Yep
52. Met a celebrity: Yep
53. Met the president: Yep (Well of the Westhill Bowling club anyway...)
54. Been scared you'd be shot? Nope
55. Gone skinny dipping: Nope
56. Gotten Drunk: Nope
57. Skipped school: Yep

[What Do You Think Of When You Hear... ]
74. Bill Clinton: Nice guy, stupid mistakes
75. Lollipops: Hmmmm...
76. Dreams: Miss them
77. Love: Would like
78. Whipped Cream: Tasty!
79. Christina Aguilera: Who?
80. South Park: Prefer West corner of.
81. Guys: Wassssssup
82. Girls: Wassssssssup
83. Death: Gaiman's version best

[The "Which Would You Rather" Side ]
84. Dog/Cat: Yes please
85. Blue/Purple: I really can't tell the difference between these two most times, so let's go with blue.
86. Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
87. Pen/Pencil: Pen

[The "Questions That Don't Matter" Side ]
88. Do you have a computer: Several
89. Last time you showered: Around 2 hours ago
90. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I'm a crayon?! Um lemme be Sky Blue
91. How many buddies do you have on your buddy listed? Total for all buddy lists = 314
92. Do you like this survey? Aye
93. One pillow or two? three? Two
95. How long are you in the shower: Long enogth to wash
96. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: With my mouth?
97. What does your screen name(s) mean?
Runt - Cute puppy, doesn't know much just wants folks to hug
Fionacat - Evil kitty, misunderstood by most except on Furrymuck
Squeek - Generic rodent thing, odd.
98. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?: 218 I believe
99. Do you like the person that sent you this: Yes
101. Who do you hate: Nobody
102. Time you finished: Around 1630

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If ya view me friends page you'll a notice that i've changed the stardates to slightly more understandable numbers (it goes Day Year month - time now) rather then the incredibly cool but fairly meaningless (yearmonthdayminutehour+am/pm) format.
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Then I remebered I really like the confusing;
dayminuteyearam/pmhourmonth format, it looks ubergeeky >=X)
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