September 10th, 2001

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Hmmmm Had a really neaters weekend, it was ace and neat wif a lossa people atta Moulin Rouge which was very neaters.

Den back to mousey batcave (Nullmouseses pad) for much Simpsons watching and fighty action wif Soul Caliber.

Onna Sunday we went to a car boot sale, didn't find any car boots but did get Diplomacy for 3 (a saving of around 52 which is nice.) and watched Eddie and skritched and snuggled and skritched and evillytickled the dwaggin.

Um then went off to play in Demon City Shinjoku run by Rob (robrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrob ROB ROBROB!) then went home and fell asleep.

Supposed to be going to the Proms in London this weekend but haven't got any place to a crash on Friday and Saturday so like so many incredibly neat and fun things i'll probably have to cancel it and just stay at home.

Which is a shame.
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Logged a HOC (Hazard Observation Card) for "Poor conditions in office leading to spreading of viral contagians and unknown long term carcogenic effects."

Which should get HSE to do _SOMETHING_
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All i want to do is curl up in a ball and weep openly.

Curse you granny for making me wear this jumper.

I am the eggman.

This is me upset.
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Booking ref# 19920495
Leaving Friday 14th Sep @ 1000 to London King's Cross.

Well I'm going to London.

Now what the hell am I going to do when I get there?


Please just let me sleep....

I've been such a good puppy (i've been an evil bitcy cat, but hey issa kitty whatcha expect?)
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Ahhhhhh Brain wrongs fading...

All is calm and there are but 1 hours and 45 minutes until I can do something else.

I am happy.



"This place is nice once you get used to the random druggings..."
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I'm not normally this disperate and confused.

Must be a virus.

It's cool yet i'm so very very warm.

I'm scared but I know I'm safe.

I'm shaking whilst I type, I don't know why.

Anybody want a old occasionally cranky puppy to love?

I'm cold now.

Go home soon.

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Can we get a monkey?

Or an octopus??

Fishes go pookpookpook.

Our HSE rep is ordering us to go outside and get some "fresh air" every 15 minutes.

This is a "good idea"(tm)

Air helps.
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Air really does help, being able to see and think and things not spinning is a "good thing" (tm)

Don't worry folks, I'll be fine, I'm almost getting to enjoy this >=X)
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