September 12th, 2001


Well there's so many things that I could talk about, there's so many things I'm thinking about.

But I have a Death plushie (From Sandman) on my monitor and a ribena berry floating in a cup beside me painted up as an eyeball.

I only just got into work (having stayed up until about 0330 trying to find out about folks, friends and family in NY.) and it's the same as always.

Hmm, "It's all gone Cracksmoking weird" sums up things about best.
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(no subject)

I appear to have quite bad case of windypops...

Think i'll play Breath of Fire IV tonight but would prefer to go watch A Knights tale (however the showings are at stupid times so it's outta da question.)
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(no subject)

I was going to say something...

Probably about how annoying semi-trained IT folks (who I could do the job of, enjoy myself and get more money) seem to be highly prolific in this work enviroment.
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