September 13th, 2001

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So um like currently despite the fact i'll be getting on a train in about 26 hours time I still don't have anywhere in London to stay.

I'm glad that i'm the calm rational type otherwise i'd be screaming and panicing just now...
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I have decided that Kitten from #northukfurs has annoyed me greatly (a "bad idea"(tm)) thus subsequently I will annoy him.

Prepare the cannons.

IRC and mailing list flame war warning.
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Because of course the time when you follow up a terrible terrorist attack is when security is at it's highest, yes... yes of course it all makes perfect sense now.

There's been calls to do _SOMETHING_ well I suggest finding all the politians and getting them to do _SOMETHING_ rather then talk about doing _SOMETHING_

Soundbites and hot air don't help anyone.

London, 23 hours and counting.
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"I'm significant!", screamed the tiny spec of dust in the universe proving the point without a doubt.

Why is it that giving help and advice to other people is so much easier then trying to work things out for yourself?
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An email...

>As you will no doubt be aware from recent news coverage,

Despite the fact i'm stuck in an office 0730 to 1630

>Friday 14th September (tomorrow) has been declared an EU-wide day of mourning to mark the lives lost in
>America. There is to be three minutes of silence at 11am as a mark of respect and mourning for those
>lost in the horrific tragedy.

Oh that'll help. I'm sure the silence will make everyone in the New York feel so much better.

Are people really this dumb?

Have a company collection of money, i'm pretty sure that we could raise a couple of thousand but 3 minutes of silence?

That's 2 minutes more then we give on the 11th of November (memorial/poppy day)

>For those of you not attending the church, please respect the wishes of those who choose to remain in
>our offices while they observe the period of silence.


I'll be on a train then somewhere near St Andrews heading towards London.
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Apparently I can't, his house mates freaked when he said he was having a guest and he can't provide a sofa.

Which means I'm sleeping in a park on a bench, woo.