September 17th, 2001

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Mwrof, didnae sleep too good, woke up about 2am with a horrible alergic reaction to somethink or other so stumbled to the kitchen took anti-histmine went back to bed collapsed.

Which was nice.
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Hmmmm, vaugly more awake now.

All hyperbouncy about Glasgow meet, must get bus tickets soon (and see about how much train tickets are first.)

Will have to contact lawyer later today and ask 'em how goes the case against the mighty minons of evil, ODP.
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"The tiger has awoken" blah blah blah, hot air, hot air, hot air.

Some people know how to drone on...

Anywho the tiger was already awake, someone just removed the blindfold.

This is the way the world is today, and it saddens me greatly to say we will all have to get used to this.

Anyway, i'm currently getting amazingly annoyed with this stupid company's phone system.
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Awlright, the music suddenly got 1,000,000 times better >=X)

Oh and they resolved my query really quickly as well.

Much kudos.
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I have fallen 1 degree from Scruff.

My scryffage rating has decreased.

My current scruffage rating is now 1 (previous high =0)
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This evening I may write a story for my Neopet, or even try drawing him
But i'll probably have to do roleplaying stuff instead.

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