October 1st, 2001

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Gonna (hopefully) go see Delicatessen tonite with a nullmaus anna dwaggin.

I'm going to take Friday off and prepare of Scotfur meet -> Glasgow (II).

This will be me first Scotfur meet and it shall be fun and good and such.
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I don't have enogth cash to get to Delicetessen now.

There's gotta be a thingy way to get a mere 1.80 to get into town (once in town I can get Cashback but that requires me to be in town in the first place...)


Soon a rant on stupid drunk townie types.

That'll amuse me.
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So ytaya shouts and screams at me including several personal and quite deeply hurtful emails to grown up and be more mature only to prove how immature she is herself (by preventing me from posting comments in her journal, threatening me with No Contact orders on Furrymuck and also here on Live Journal)

Which is worth nothing only for the fact that I don't really give a crap.
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There should be a rant here about Drunk townies.

But I can't artituclate quite how I feel, i'm that irate just thinking about it.
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