October 4th, 2001

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Super coolios this morning, ya had like the sun rising over the hills in the um direction the sun does that kind of thing (East) whilst over on the other side (West) ya had the moon just floating above the horizon going "Oi! I'm not finished yet!!" or something.

It looked mighty dern pretty.
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So I'm "furry" whatever the heck that means now.

To me, well it means online I pretend to be a cat (which is very fun, if somewhat disheartning, it's hard to be evil.) and in real life I kinda act like a puppy dog, all floofy and um well loyal I guess and often wear a fursuit or a collar and such.

It's kinda nice.

But what's best is that my family not only don't mind they think I make a very good puppy, as do my rl friends.

I keep forgetting how incredibly lucky I am to have friends and family that not only accept me as a "furry" but even support and like me because I am.
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    Some _VERY GOOD_ hold music onna telephone.