October 11th, 2001

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So I was in Performance management training all yesterday, which was intresting but about the most useless and pointless course i've done in some time.
Everything there I could have learned in about 1/4 of the time, however I did at least get some vaugly intresting information.
Today I shall re-install Ultimate Paint on my desktop and hope it works again, I shall then gothify my LJ icon and have a really goffy kitty.

Yes... Yes I shall.

Mwhahahahahahahaha. Ha.
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Bah stoopid computer didn't have enogth memory (and I can't draw for eggs...) so the goff piccy looks crap.

Plus I can't go home until later 'cause my dad is stuck in heavy heavy traffic.

This sucks!
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If I was working Overtime, i'd be rich.
If I was working Flexitime, i'd have tommorrow off.

As it is, i'm not getting paid for the (very limited...) work I am doing.