October 12th, 2001

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It's been a shit morning.

This is about the worst things have been since I was working GUB and I am starting to adovcate the use of narcotics, things are that bad.
Nothing more dangerous the Ibuprofen and even then not above the Recommended Dosage but still it's rare for me to take anything at all so things are really bad.

C'est le vie.

Regarde monsiour poubelle, monsoiur poubelle c'est morte!

VIVE Monsiour poubelle!!
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Oooh yeah, i forgot to write about something very cool this morning, the moon was doing it's, "Hey now, this simply isn't on..." with the sun again but because of the phase and the ambient light from the sunrise (which was also very very cool) it looked like a giant white feather just floating in the sky, with no clouds around i figured, "Ah what the heck." let my imagination float around a bit and big, one quick dressing up of a cloud as a swan later and it made a perfectly nice lakeside piccy.

I thought it was good art anyway...
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I know folks are busy.

I know folks have little time.

I know folks maybe don't know what to say.

It doesn't make the lack of comments hurt any less.

Paranoid Dellusions are starting, it must be time for lunch.
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In an act of what can only be described as salvation, the network has gone tits up all over the place.

This makes me unable to work yet still able to surf the net and do other more intresting things the working.
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