October 15th, 2001

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So um, yes!

What was apparently a fantastic weekend for the rest of the world kinda sucked for me; let's review.

Friday night - Good fun happy time with Hacker and foo

Saturday - Still fun time with Hacker then back home, learn to drive some more, head off into town where I play in Thumper's game.

Problem #1 - Thumper's game was not on.
Problem #2 - Nobody knew this or told me this.

But I can deal, it's only a mere 4 hour wait before anything else intresting happens.

4 hours later....

Met up with nullmouse and draconis when suddenly a cat in a hat in the form of camrath turned up.

I smiled and we all watched Ameile from Montmatre which is about the best film I've seen in like years.

Went back to Maushouse and played Parasyte Eve II for no apparently ready reason until it was...


Again more playstation jiggery-pokery and left Maus around 7ish, went to Union to play in Rob's game.

Problem #3 - There was only myself and one other player.
Problem #4 - That other player was Mattman.
Problem #5 - When entity Runt (that's me IRL btw) and Mattman are in game; then let game = Wicked and Innit.
Problem #6 - Wicked and Innit (the waster's roleplaying game) means we ignore plot and have fun.
Problem #7 - This is a "bad idea"(tm) in most roleplaying games.

Anywho after that went to get bus.

Problem #8 - Bus due at 22:45 (last bus) wasn't there nor did it turn up.

So I was sitting at a bus station until 23:30 at which point I phoned home and managed to get a lift

Problem #9 - Due to extreme fog and darkness didn't arrive home until almost 0100 (monday).

So that was it really.

On the positive side I have found something I would really like (a purpose made costume looking like a sketch I found in a 1st Ed Werewolf book that Nullmouse has.) to wear at Halloween (and at several other times, it's really cute in a strage kinda way.)

So yes that's the weekend, or weekstart would be a more technically accurate description.
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"Has the world changed since military action was launched?"

Has the world changed since Doris Appleby's cat climbed a tree or Simon Quinlag left for work five minutes earlier then usual?

The world itself remains, as always, unimpressed by the meaningless actions of us humans.
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So then we got warned what to do if a suspect parcel arrives on our desk by E-mail by the head of our department, what with the possiblity that a parcel may contain Anthrax.

Now me, I don't mind getting sent Anthrax, a little annoying prehaps but ultimatly I don't mind.

Sending me say Ebola in a box would "upset" me, in fact i'd be extremly annoyed.

But Anthrax, nah no problems.

Here's the funny part.

I work in a department that on average recieves about 4 very large packages a day, mostly from unknown sources, it's part of the thing with software, you just put it in any box you can find.

As a result of the above I am intenstly amused.
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Update me style a little for viewing my friends page, just a little touch up really, did think about making all posts happen at 0300 (or at least appear to) but realised this would be more confusing then the current "timestamp"
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