October 22nd, 2001

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So that was the weekend then.


A weekend of fun and excitement in and around Aberdeen as Kyth arrives from St Andrews?

Not quite.

Here's what actually happened, let's watch it in slow motion....


It rained.

Saying it rained actually is a bit of an understatement, it's like saying Jack the Ripper was violent...

So yes, Driving lesson in that conditions <> fun, in fact at one point I couldn't see the road it was that heavy.

Then into town and um nothing much happened, went home and played Parasyte Eve II for a while, it still rocks.


See Saturday, but no driving lesson so even less mental stimulae.

That's pretty much been it actually.

I might write some more stuff about what's actually happening later.

That would be a good plan.
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So what else is happening?

I'm eating lunch and waiting for stupid people who should know better to phone me.

The bastards, they should be phoning me not the other way around.

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So um yet again it appears that much like these con things which I can never get to and are really really really really good, there were a few meets on this weekend which were (wait for it... wait for it...) really really really good.

Where was I?

In Aberdeen, getting soaked to the skin.


But everyone else was so very very very happy.

It was really really really good.

I don't mind being alone or even wet if others are having that level of happiness.
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