October 25th, 2001

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Well that really didn't go to well...

I am here today, the thing starts at 1830.

So here I am.

It's still dark outside.

This is natures way of saying, "DON'T BE SO STUPID! GO BACK TO SLEEP!!"


Princess Mononoke is "a bit good" however, for a dub it's pretty fantastic.
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I'll just be sitting here if anyone needs anything.


Anything at all...



So um like let's review.

Rob is feeling less sad which is always a good thing, Rob's a cool guy and really a dragon.


Squeek da mouse is in the @creation process, he's a perkylilcutegothmouse who is far more like my player irl then I (Fionacat) am but not as much so as Runt is.
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Say that's what annoys me (just now anyway, i'm sure i'll finding something else later...)

What annoys me is how people who can draw get pictures draw of them, without having to pay and such!

That really sucks!

Look you crazy artist person you already CAN draw, why you have to go and get another picture draw of you (for free) by someone else.

Maybe it's a handshake under the table kind of deal or something...
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