November 21st, 2001

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I ponder how many times i'll be wished "Happy Thankgsiving!" this year.

Yes, i'm so happy that the incesent greed of the pilgrams wiped out pretty much all the Native Americans.
I'm thankful that the pilgrams rebelled against the king.
I'm giving a smack on the nose to anyone that utters this phrase to me.
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"The lowest score so far reported to us is an incredible 4413 - are they joking? We've also heard of 3 similar scores, the lowest of which was 9401! "


That would be me then.

I've not been able to play about 60% of the flash games thus far but have always pretty much aced the games, it's just without the other 40% (all of which are really high scoring) there's not much hope really...

Alpha, i'm sorry.
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