November 28th, 2001

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I apparently own Thelunchbox (which has been deleted...) having just been sent the username and password by the livejournal webmaster.

I am confused.
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Hmmm, I wonder how all the artist people are getting on with foo?

Offical commissions: 3

1. Marci McAdams - Surprise for Makali [Status: Going to final - Awaiting bank draft]
2. Cassandra Lovell - Fionacat at Halloween [Status: half-way through inking - Paid!]
3. gypsyjr - Squeek [Status: Unknown - Awaiting payment]

Unoffical commissions: 3

1. alenacat - Fionacat [Status: Very happy - Awaiting confirmation]
2. nomadfox - Fionacat [Status: Very happy - Awaiting confirmation]
3. Fangkit - Squeek [Status: Very happy - Awaiting confirmation]

So many pictures, so little idea what any of them look like...
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