December 4th, 2001




Sweetest nectar, how could I have forsaken you for so long.

Anywho, I drank Irn Bru and gave dog a bone and cat a fish.

Then rang bell.

Dog ate bone, cat burred fish, I drank Irn Bru.
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Welllllll. Um.


I really can't say anything more then that.

I just did a "please" prayer, it's something I don't do that often it's always thanks and sorry.

You'll have to excuse me now, it's hard to type when you are shaking so much.
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"Hello I phoned earlier regarding Henry Hamilton (that's like Camrath in real life...)"
'Oh yes.'
"I was just making sure someone had checked."
'Yes, someone has been around and everything is under control, I can't tell you any more but you are obviously aware of it.'
"Thank you."
*click* *beepbeepbeep*

Makes me so very very thankful and happy.

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So scruff Is a big liar (tm) in his flimsy and poorly reasoned argument.

Which intensely annoys me and people will say, "Oh for crying out loud drop it already, stop bickering."

Well for the amount of crap I put up with and just let "drop" in the Furry community without even getting any kind of acknowledgement for, I think I deserve a little bicker now and again.

But please do just ignore me, I'll just stare at Psyduck(tm) who's sitting on top of my monitor just now.

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