December 10th, 2001


Wellllll let's start;


Slowish day, awoke at the hour of 11ish, spent a while playing Grandia (some more.) and um yes that was it until 3ish when I went for my driving lesson (which i'll have to cancel next week, doh!) and then into town.
Hung about the union for a while playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Like Magic: The Gathering but harder and 9000 times more complex) and that was it really.

Zipped around to nullmouse and draconis flat.

Dwaggin does indeed look ubercute with short hair.


Quiet slow day, went to shops and managed to lose drugs (ibuprofen thing for maus who is not 100%) watched lots of cool foo (including "I was a Rat!") then eventually went back to union and found Rob, Spunkey, Moomin and Chill all playing Cyberpunk, it was pretty cool actually.
Spunkey impressed me with his GM'ing talent.

Dante appeared looking very silly and gave me back some stuff, including Princess Mononoke, at which point I found out Spuinkey and Rob hadn't seen it so I forced them to watch some of it.

Went to bus station, last bus is now 22:45, not 23:45, how very nice of them to tell us...

Got Taxi home, it was only �12 which was pretty cool.

At home found Sharpe on the telly, it finished at 1am.

Went to bed fell asleep.

Brings us neatly to today really.

Will probably take Wednesday off and see a doctor and um Capdown tonight which will be good.

In other news, my companies stock price looks something like this; Link to graphic (there was going to be an img src="..." but it's an asp doo-hickery and I ain't too sure how to do that...) and yes the blip at the end, that almost vertical drop is indeed correct.

I go be coporate zombie now.

Post more soonish.
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(no subject)

Maybe it was the vast amounts of caffiene that Fionacat had already drunk.
Prehaps it was the diet of nothing but chocolate for breakfast.

Or maybe, just maybe it was this email;

>Got your money order today, thanks! I'll be putting your commission
>in the mail today, so it should be there in about a week.

Nobody will be able to ever tell exactly why Fionacat smiled happily and started to bounce manically in her chair (much to the distress of other co-workers and the HSE rep)
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(no subject)

I started to write a list of everybody I know.

It's a big list.

A fairly sizable list of many many many names.

I got everyone I know on Furrymuck and Livejournal into a notepad file, then it ran out of memory.

I worried and stopped making a list...
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(no subject)

I was going to write more but not just now, I need to go have a nap for a while and then eat lunch.


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(no subject)

"Baaaah," says Frank.

As do I.

The place I normally sleep (it's a shower cubicle in the toilets...) is currently in use, so I've gone off and done the lunch thing and WILL be sleeping this afternoon instead, maybe around 13:30ish ?

It shall be nice.
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The problem with names.

Fionacat = Fee

The problem being Fee can sound like;

Me, Lee, Chi or any other various names.

Someone just phoned asking "Is Lee there?" I'm pretty sure they said Lee.

I could be wrong....

They just phoned back three times as well....
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