December 11th, 2001


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So went to concert thing last night, saw;

Contra, whom much to my embarrasment I kept trying to call Contera. They were good in an old style rancid way.

Point of Origin, who were Gash. Alternativly everyone else was so good that ... no they were just gash, I take pity on their instruments.

Flight 19 who were n sized! Really ickly tiny band!! The guitars were almost TWICE THEIR SIZE. They were really fantastically good as well.

Douglas are from Wales and had huge respect for the crowd which is always good, the fact they were pretty good as well helped.

Capdown is how I imagine concerts should be, the atmosphere was just super electric charged when they came on and woah, boy were they fantastic.

It was a really really great night and I had a fantastic time.
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It's three months now.

90 days.

It's still a vivid burning memory, it's somthing that no I'll never be able to forget.

Three buildings, 8,000 people, Four planes.

Yet perception blurs, admitidally time is meaningless but it was only 90 days ago.

3 months.

I have to remind myself of this.

Otherwise i'd forget.
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