December 14th, 2001

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Mentioned Beth in my livejournal, look did it just there.

Go fig. *huggle*

Um yes, anywho, yes, today shall mostly consist of doing very little (I hope)
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Due to constant demand (really...) you can see the weird freak who plays me irl.

His picture is here

Scary hunh...

Now come back to the safety of the internet.
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I just like bid for some art thing by Silverblue and suddenly realised, I don't need another commisison (however a piccy of Beth would be quite murr...) and um am bidding for it to help with bills and foo rather then anything else.
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So um what exactly will I do with this on the off chance I do win with a super low bid of $40.

Well firstly i'll make sure Silerblue get's paid lots (at least $60+), it's worth it as Silverblue's art is pretty kicking...

Then hmm, adult commission, wellllll best not waste it.

Erotic Fionacat Hentai?


Maybe not.

I should have probably thought this out better before bidding...

Any suggestions?
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