December 18th, 2001

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Well that went about as well as expected.

I am the Siberian winter.




Beth melted me and in the end I told her the truth as it was, which sucked.
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Did I tell yas that i've been getting up and it's not only been dark, it's been pitch black, so much so i'm going to work and able to navigate by the stars...
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Huge mad props to mwerevu 'vu is older today.

Congrats on doing that existance thing.

(I've never been big on birthday celebrations, does it show?)
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Dime bar....

I like Armadillos, crunchy on the outside smooooooooth on the inside...

The highly important super urgent "YOU MUST BRING THIS" art work that I was supposed to scan today, I forgot.

But I should get it at lunch time.
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Remeber this ?

Well I can tell you what it's all about now, in fact in exactly 45 minutes I can even show you with a visual demonstration.

You'll be impressed....
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