January 3rd, 2002

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What's up with me?

Oh yeah... I couldn't sleep last night.

It happens sometimes, I get really shit insomnia, and last night was one such case.

This has two effects on me;

1- Extreme hypertension, resulting in sudden and violent mood swings
2- Sudden and violent mood swings leading to exteme hypertension and agression.

It's also way to cold in this office to be working just now.

I'm going to sip Irn-Bru, continue to randomly flame (in the vauge hopes of building up a heat...) and give hugs to silvertail
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I wonder now what's wrong with York.

I spent a lot of time there with MacX and also visited often as a smaller child thing on family trips.

AFAICR, I've never had a bad experience in York...

Emailed some artists and demanded ... that they tell me stuff.
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I miss Anthony now I think about it.

He's in Bradford somewhere (I think, I really don't know.)

MacX, what happened to you?
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... I just found Paintshop pro on my computer.


I shall of course now have to try figure out how on earth to use it.

Think i'll stick with Ultimate Paint in the meantime...
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